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Welcome to Michelle Grewe dot Com. I am a published author and this is my author site. This site is predominantly a very pale pink background on the right side. But dead center to the left, it's all white. Occasionally I splash texts and headlines into white, gray, or pink boxes. Sometimes they have an illustrated sloppy rose ornament above them like it's pinning the text box to the site. The hero image of this page (behind this welcome text) is a photo of me. Hi. I'm Michelle. Pictured here, I am sitting in my bathtub reading the book: Mom for the Holidays. I am escaping the family in my secret bathtub hideaway drinking a glass of red wine and cuddling with a brown fluffy blanket. I am wearing a red sweater and a red rose on a pink bandana wrapped around my long brown-ish hair. I am smiling like, "Let's get this picture over with," as if I didn't just ask someone to take this picture to promote that book on Facebook. My eyes are looking up at us, they are saying, "Yes, you caught me. In the bathtub. Trying to read." Even though the whole thing was kind of staged.

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Logo for Popsugar. A sans serif with a lot of spacing between letters followed by a period.
Logo for The Good Men Project. A subdued Navy Blue and Sky Blue, The Good Men Project is a serif font, "The conversation no one else is having."
Blunt Moms Logo. Bright colorful Green B for Boss Ass Bitch. An Orange L for Lovers of Life. A bright yellow U for Underappreciated. A bold pink N for Nevermind. A sky blue T for Tipsy. BLUNT. That's not what those letters actually stand for. I totally made it up. But it vibes us. MOMS is all black. Font is sans serif. Tagline is Honest. Direct. Surprisingly (that's in a script) Hilarious.
Mamalode Logo in black and fancy serif font.

Raving-ish Reviews

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illustrated rose with 3 leaves on each side of the bud.
You're real and you swear like a sailor. My kinda person!!!
D. Pratt
I've been reading your writing for over a year now. It's been iconoclastic, personal, gritty, and colorful.
Anna Fitfunner
Writer & Reader
She comes in with her big shot, east coast attitude and takes over.
Air Force, Chair Sitting expert
Illustrated pink roses adorned with ornamental swirlies.
"I'm just a pampered woman with first world problems who is in love with the shade."
A black and white photo of Michelle Grewe, a white woman in a gray hooded sweater that ties across the top under the neck as if her fashion was trying to mimic the false innocence of Little Red Riding Hood. Reinforcing that look, she is also wearing a silver pendant of Christ. Her dark brown hair sits just below her shoulders, and her wide eyes are looking to the left and at you at the same time like a creepy portrait in a haunted castle from a rejected Scooby Doo episode. Her smile looks like the Cheshire Cat is trying not to smile.
Michelle Grewe
talking to her internet hosting provider Lyrical Host

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New on my blog.

About Michelle

Writer & Artist, Michelle Grewe is an Air Force Veteran and mom of 3. She has been published in 6 anthologies and featured on websites such as Mamalode, Popsugar, Blunt Moms, and The Good Men Project. She writes humor and memoir about motherhood, spirituality and mental health. Her writing is inspired by Nicole Knepper and Jenny Lawson, and her illustrations are inspired by tattoos, henna and Zen doodles.

Illustrated pink roses adorned with ornamental swirlies.

Prolific Badass

Air Force Veteran like Chuck Norris. Graduated Basic Training as an Honor Flight, got some academic award in tech school, known as Mr. Dixon's "Star Airman," at best did 73 pushups in a minute, kickass in martial arts against all branches, won 2nd place in the Christmas Tree decorating contest.

Illustrated pink roses adorned with ornamental swirlies.

"Not many people are willing to die for their country, but even fewer people are willing to do trigonometry for their country. I am one of those few."