5 Ideas to Pamper Your Soul and Spiritually Cleanse Yourself

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My soul gathers burdens and baggage throughout each day. My hope often drowns in disappointment, and my self love often wraps itself with shame snuggling up to broken promises and a crushed paradigm. The world dictates my expectations of myself, and it is very unforgiving and judgmental. After a hard day of negative intangibles, my soul starts to produce a funk so viciously rancid that it starts to interfere with my flesh. My inner-being needs a regular shower.

Washing the grime of defeating thoughts is not enough. I want something to rejuvenate my spirits and enhance the beauty within. My sanctuary for such things is my shower. The one in my bathroom. I have found ways to cleanse my soul and body at the same time.

This whole thing started when I was raped in the military. I had endured rape in the past, but the military rape was special because I was awake through the entire thing, and even worse, in a state of helpless paralysis. After the incident, the first thing I did was go home and shower. I sat in that shower for an hour after the water turned cold, and like Lady Macbeth,  the water couldn’t wash away my self-blame.

Through the years of time standing still in my memories and PTSD, I realized my shower routine needed an upgrade. I have developed some ways to improve my inner hygiene. When I need to relax, I take a shower.

Decorate for the Soul

Grayed baby blues and browns splashed around my bathroom because classy interior decorating for guests, a color scheme that made me feel just as gray and neutral as the colors. But nobody uses my bathroom as much as I do, and bright colors would remedy my inner blah. So I gave my bathroom a make-over.

Because I find drawing coloring pages to be extra-therapeutic and relaxing in of itself, I wanted to incorporate that feeling into my bathroom’s design, so I aimed for a bohemian, Zen look. Orange has always been a color that inspires my creativity and imagination, which is why my lady cave is orange and red, so I wanted warm colors to be my primary pigments.

My bathroom.

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You Feel Cleaner in a Clean Bathroom

The bathroom used to be my last priority in cleaning, and now it is my first priority. I can’t stand showering in a dirty shower, and I can’t sit in a dirty shower either. Mr. Clean’s Magic Erasers magically erases the residue of yesterday’s soul-grime keeping my personal temple as shiny as his bald head.

Clutter is my arch-nemesis, so I aim for simplicity. My bedroom hoards my dirty clothes, though the laundry room would be the most ideal space if I had room there. A decorative cardboard box that matches my style houses my feminine products, and I keep my beauty products in a bin under the sink. My make-up box is kept as randomly in my house as my purse because bathroom lighting is not accurate lighting.

I am the most guilty person you will ever meet at not cleaning. My house is often a disaster because I hate cleaning, but when I do clean, I start in the bathroom, and I try to design my bathroom to be the easiest room to clean in the house.

Senses Matter

A good shower appeals to all senses as our souls absorb all kinds of information beyond our conscious awareness.

For years, bar soap ruled our bathtub because I swore it cleaned better than body wash. My youngest daughter has very soft, sensitive skin that dries out too easily, so we started using Tone bar soap because of all the soaps I tried, it moisturized the best.  One day, the Dollar General was out of our soap, and they didn’t offer much to choose otherwise. To avoid the dreaded trip to Walmart, I settled for Tone Body Wash and a new luffa.

  • The smell was comparable to an Herbal Essence commercial
  • My skin felt softer with less residue
  • My shower stays cleaner longer without soap build up

Body Wash has now been crowned queen of the tub. While the smell on my skin wears off within hours after a shower, my shower time has been super uber pleasant, and I look forward to the Petal Soft or Radiant Glow from spa-inspired trends that are designed to fit your every need and mood.

Beyond scent and touch, tastier toothpaste outweighs whitening promises. For sound, I keep my shower head on a partial mist because the sound reminds me of those misty waterfall pictures. Taking a bath with Beethoven is 10 times better than Julia Roberts’ bath with Richard Gere, but now that I’m a mom of 3 kids, I end up with a kid telling me about the private details of the lives of Pokemon and Five Nights at Freddy’s characters.

Bless the Shower Head

I shower in Holy Water. A goddess deserves nothing but the best water, no really though, I do notice a huge difference. I started this idea because my house is very haunted with negative entities, and I wanted a break from them, but I believe it also cleanses the soul in ways regular water cannot do. Demons will often cover your soul with various occult-like ingredients designed to increase depression and mystery aches and pains over time, and blessed water washes it away.

In the psychic world, Holy Water is a better ingredient than salt at cleansing a house of unwanted spirits and the residue they leave behind, so it would make sense to believe that it would cleanse your soul in the same manner. Adding salts to a bath also enhances the effect.

You can take the shower head to a priest and ask him to bless it, and that would probably be most effective, but I blessed mine by spraying it with Holy Water I obtained from a Catholic Church and praying. First I pray to prepare myself to bless by asking for forgiveness for my sins and thanking God for things He’s done for me, the things I do during communion. The best time for this is probably after communion. Then I pray asking God to bless my shower head to produce water that will protect me from negative entities and will cleanse the soul and rejuvenate the spirit. Then I end it with making the Catholic cross in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. As a Baptist, I believe I don’t need a priest to do these things. I do recommend sticking to your beliefs because your beliefs dictate your power, and if you believe you need a priest, then you will need a priest.

Pray During Each Shower

My father devoted every morning to prayer waking up at 4AM and spending a couple hours with orange juice and cigarettes preparing for his day with God’s influence. I attribute most of my father’s successes to this morning ritual because my father did. Even if you don’t believe in God, the act of prayer helps you define your goals, increase focus clearing your thoughts of unimportant things, and premeditate plans for your daily efforts, much like meditation. For those who do believe, it also taps into the wisdom of your spirit and your higher self and helps you discover your true purpose intended when you were forged from the dust of your parents’ loins.

My shower time is a perfect time for prayer because I’m away from life, and it’s something I do regularly keeping my stamina in check. I usually start my prayer asking God to cleanse my soul of my sins and my negative thoughts. From there, it sometimes develops into something more like an actual conversation, and sometimes it doesn’t, and that’s ok. I get my best ideas and epiphanies when I’m driving, but my shower prayer gives me my best perspective.

My shower is a temple I escape to for my meditative Zen-ness with a Christian twist. It is my alone time with God, bare and free of worldly distractions. It is where I strip myself of my ego and wash away my sins. My soul feels as renewed as my body.

Calgon take me away and wash the day away with Dial.

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How to Spiritually Cleanse Yourself | How to Clear Your Mind | How to Cleanse Your Soul | Spirituality | Walk in the Spirit  How to Spiritually Cleanse Yourself | How to Clear Your Mind | How to Cleanse Your Soul | Spirituality | Walk in the Spirit

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  1. I’ve been thinking of giving my own bathroom a make-over and love the idea of oranges and reds. I’ve gone for blues and greens in the past but have recently really warmed up (heheh) to the warm colors. I’m so sorry to read that you were raped – and more than once. That’s awful. I’m glad you linked up your post though and that you’ve found a ritual that brings you peace.

  2. I wish I had my own bathroom. Mine would be probably teal and yellow if I could make them match. I’ve jumped on the essential oils bandwagon and I’ve made a cleaner to use use in the bathroom that’s non toxic so that I can actually clean the shower walls when I’m in the shower. (I’m a cleaner) and that’s the easiest way to clean the tub and shower is to be in it. 😉

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