How to Listen to your Intuition

How to listen to your intuition.


The definition of intuition is to understand something immediately without looking to conscious reasoning, according to Google. Many people base important decisions on their intuition and often find their intuition to be more trustworthy than their reasoning.

You can use logic to support any thing in the world, hence why so many people have differing opinions and good arguments. Logic is very relative and questionable. While using facts and logic can be beneficial, following your intuition is much deeper and substantial.

Strengthen Your Spirit

The secret behind accurate intuition that is in line with what your soul desires is to strengthen your spirit. The magic of intuition happens on the spiritual plane, and it knows what you need out of this life, what path you should be taking, and other things related to fate.

Strengthening your spirit with “light” helps your intuition go into a positive direction that will take you up in life, well up in the after-life. Mind – Body – Green suggests the following

  • Identify and release core beliefs
  • Let go of your childhood hurt
  • Listen to your gut
  • Meditation
  • Forgive self-harm
  • Break the bonds of attachments and resentments
  • Come home to yourself

Christ recommended also many secrets to strong spiritual health, like

  • Forgive
  • Have patience
  • Love your neighbor
  • Love your enemy
  • Be humble

Look in Your Hope

The best way to discover your intuition is to look in your hope. Instead of focusing on the negative, focus on the positive. Instead of focusing on the cause, focus on the solution. Instead of focusing on what’s wrong, focus on what you really want for it to be right. Instead of focusing on blame, focus on pointing your finger at the guy helping the situation rather than hurting it. Instead of focusing on judgment, focus on forgiveness.

What you hope for is usually what is intuitive.

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Avoid what you

  • Fear
  • Hate
  • Are angry with
  • Are jealous of

Flip a Coin, sort of

USAA interviewed a few millionaires asking what they contribute to their success, and one answered that he trusted his intuition. He described further how to listen to your intuition when making decisions.

When faced with a choice… Determine one option heads, and another tails. Flip the coin. What you hoped it would land on while it’s in the air is your intuition telling you which way to go. If you can’t feel what you were hoping for, ask yourself now that you know what the coin landed on, are you happy with that or not?

Hope is the secret to listening to your intuition, but it really helps to focus on positive living in the light and spirit strengthening to hone in your intuition on things that will bring you happiness.

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How to listen to your intuition. Uncover your intuition and learn the difference between psychic intuition and feelings.

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