Let Me See Your Ripples

Let me see your ripples! That's ripples. R. Did you know we all leave spiritual trails everywhere we go like ripples of water?

I can see the ripple effect most prominent when I go grocery shopping. Whatever slow car I’m stuck behind curses the entire trip. That same person will get in front of me on the way in the store, in 5 different places, and again at checkout. It almost feels like every time I turn a corner, there he is. He moves like a snail with no purpose. He is blissfully unaware that his lolly gagging is blocking me from my purpose. He is an obstacle. He is no different than a herd of sheep blocking my road, oblivious that he is sharing public space with others.

Then I notice things. Seconds before I reach check-out, five people cut in front of me, something that would have been entirely avoided had I had that 5 seconds I waited for that guy to move. The traffic light turns red right as I approach. The left lane was clear until the moment I reach it. Yet another traffic light. Before I know it, that 3 minutes the guy made me wait collectively just became a 30 minute ordeal for me. I have a life. I don’t have time for this.

Then what happens is I get home later than planned where my husband is waiting for me to return so that he could go to work. That half hour could cost him his job.

Though sometimes, the lollygagger saves me. Following a very slow vehicle when in a hurry and seeing a cop, I realize that slow guy I was cussing out seconds ago saved me from a speeding ticket. I’ve missed a car accident by seconds, seconds someone stole from me somewhere and turned into a blessing.

I can’t remember what he looks like, the lollygagger. I can’t remember what any of them look like. I only remember the ripples they left me.

The spirit world is like water. Everyone of us has a spirit, and the ripples we make in our own water becomes the current we leave for others to swim against.

It is magic. It is the current magic uses to spread one thought to another.

Let’s talk about magic for a second. In witchcraft, for a witch to cast any spell, the witch must focus on what she wants. Many times, magic words are used when the focus required is weightless, and chanting is used when the focus required is heavier as chanting is hypnotically meditative. But the magic isn’t in the ingredients or the magic words. It’s in the thought and feelings. The ingredients are there to express the thought or sentiment. Dirt absorbs darkness. Water cleanses. The spirit’s language is in abstracts, which is why we use abstracts in magic. But all a witch does to cast a spell is to create thought-ripples in the spiritual plane of existence. Those protected by the Holy Spirit are usually unharmed by a curse; however, we all feel it in some way.

We use magic every day without realizing it. To think is to cast a spell. To feel is to cast a spell. Generally they are weak spells, but spells nonetheless. All of our thoughts and emotions affect the world around us beyond our sight. Even the lack of thought and emotion affects the world. More often than not, the obstacles we cause others are unintended.

We are oblivious to our power.

In the case of the lollygagger, his thoughts were plain self-centered narcissism. He had no thoughts against me, but being inconsiderate of the world around you is like a child blindly splashing in the water. Sometimes the splashing can be a good thing, but only when the timing is right for it. You’ll never know in oblivion.

God’s greatest power is probably His Skill with Time. His timing is always perfect and flawless and superior to the other options. Why? Because of the spiritual water. Because a ripple perfectly timed can create the wave someone needs to move forward.

There’s a time to step in, and a time to mind your own business.

Awareness helps us control our ripples we leave behind. Look around you and marvel at the waves your body is making. Look at how your ripples affect those around you, whether family or stranger. Are your ripples helping people? Or hindering them?

Above all, be still. Move lightly. Move with peace and compassion. Use the flow of the water to your favor and follow its flow (a Taoist perspective). When the water is at peace, be at peace. When the water is flowing heavily, swim with the current.

Always be attentive to the other swimmers.

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Let me see your ripples! That's ripples. R. Did you know we all leave spiritual trails everywhere we go like ripples of water?

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  1. I love the idea that we need to learn to work with the flow of our lives. So many times I’ve striven to swim against the flow, only to end up half drowned.

    I think lollygagging is a BRILLIANT word, and like you, I’ve been driven nuts by them, and saved from speed cameras by them, and yes – I sit there at a red light and think “I would have gotten through this if only…” but I suppose the lesson there is about appreciating the present for what it is. I’m sure life’s more peaceful that way – with acceptance.

    Interesting that you say those protected by the Holy Spirit are immune to curses. I wonder if they are? I wonder if sometimes the curses are allowed to stick for reasons beyond our ken. I sometimes wonder just how far the power of protection goes. I wonder about intentions put ‘out there’ and whether (in a positive way) they’re as potent as the spells witches use. I wonder whether it’s all hokum or whether there’s something to all of it.

    I guess I have to fall back on evidence, and the only evidence I have is that when a very nasty man was trying to intimidate me with a spell on a crystal pendant designed to make it find a crystal where I had hidden it, I prayed like MAD the entire time, and the finding didn’t work, and the nasty man was baffled, tried repeatedly, and got very cross because it had worked when he’d tried it with other members of my family…and not with me.

  2. A 30-day blessing challenge? I’m in. This summer is kicking my ass a little bit but I’m so in. And I love how you did this – our thoughts as spells. It’s true. People don’t realize what they put out there.

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