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Affiliates: Amazon 

Because I sell my books on Amazon, you can affiliate with them and sell my books through them just by advertising on your site. Go ahead and sign up for book related tools and ad kits. 

What to Expect if you Sign Up

You are not obligated to do anything by signing up. You should only receive emails related directly to this program. 

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Because this is in the creation phase, updates will be happening regularly for a few years. Signing up with the email is mainly to help me correspond with you, and you have no obligation if you sign up beyond consenting to my privacy policy, and you can unsubscribe at any time.

Coupon Codes

When my books are ready and published in a way that I'm confident they are amazing enough to market, I will be sending coupon codes (or links to them) via email. The only way you can get them is to sign up with the email. Note: If you are only interested in buying the book cheaper and not reselling them, you're allowed.

Ad Kits

I provide some marketing material for each book and product, like a media kit, that you are more than welcome to use in your endeavors. They will include things like graphics and freebies.

Ideas and Tips

While my blog, Blogging As I Learn It, provides quite a bit of information for small business owners and writers, I will be providing extra ideas and tips for those on my email list.

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What does Michelle Grewe write about?

My past experience has me writing about everything and anything, so it's really hard for me to niche myself down. But I am focusing my next 5 years on three major genres.
Spirituality / Divinity
As a Christian Medium,  I feel incredibly called to write about this topic, but my religion is not really niche. I just pray to God and read the Bible. They don't really have a word for that: maybe New Age and Unitarian. 

Now as a RELUCTANT medium, I am trying to avoid writing about the other side. I plan on going a safer route of writing fiction based on things I've learned. But first I want to update my Spirit Journal and create a devotional, more Christian version called Jesus, Help!

I will be focusing some on Christian Values in line (for the most part) with Baptist and Catholicism views, but also secular non-religious spirituality that is, like my God, all encompassing and greater than religious labels. 

My primary message is really focused on the idea that all the belief systems can Coexist. This is a construct invented by humans. The gods and angels don't know such a beast as Coexistence. It's one of our greatest gifts we could ever make for my God.

Children's Horror Humor Books
I really want to write and illustrate children's books with my kids. They are all into the horror stuff, like 5 Nights at Freddies, Bendy, Cuphead, and those muffins that want to die. I want to make something that is less terrifying, less sadistic, and more kid-friendly. I'm aiming for 2nd grade reading levels.

The first book I plan on writing in this series is a book where the leftover chicken in the fridge comes back to life and haunts a family until grandma throws it away. 
Entrepreneurship and E-Commerce
If I had to pick a niche that I can write about based on actual experience in my life, this is the topic. I had some odd jobs helping small business owners before getting a job in non-profit accounting. Then I managed several tax offices and spent the last 10 years online doing little things more as a hobby than a for-profit endeavor, but I made a profit so... 

When I first started blogging, I started a blog on blogging. When I stopped blogging, that blog kept getting email sign ups. But while my Facebook page for it consists mainly of bloggers who love Ellen and puppies, the emails consist mainly of small businesses like spas, hair stylists, non-profits, and freelance graphic artists. I can't change the name of the blog, but I'm refocusing to cater more to small businesses with smaller budgets than most Boss Babes are aiming for.  

As a result, I'm working on providing some courses, and with that, some workbooks. Once the courses are up, I'll be offering an affiliate program with the courses and the reseller book program. If I were to bundle mini-courses into huge courses, I'd be basically selling, to start, "How to start a blog," and "How to get your small business online." Eventually, I may veer off into employee training that all HR offices need to do but don't have time to put together. 

The workbooks are professionally designed, and they are far from a generic free pdf. Basically, I write a book that one could read, and then I delete all the words and turn them into workable things you can implement immediately and book-friendly infographics. As a lazy SAHM and a previous Too Busy for That Manager, I understand people don't have time to read a bunch of fluff. Like my goal isn't to sell a book as much as help people do what I promise to help them do.

About Me

Michelle Grewe is a writer and graphic artist. Published in 6 anthologies, Michelle's words are also featured on Popsugar, The Good Men Project, Blunt Moms, BlogHer and Mamalode. She has over 10 years experience in business, marketing and graphic design, and she has studied Divinity her entire life. 

My Products

This list will grow in time, but to start, I'll be looking at the following before the end of summer...

Spirit Journal: Adult Coloring and Activity Book

Full of hand-drawn images to color, psychological worksheets, and finish the sentence journal prompts, this adult activity book guides you through the process of finding yourself, healing, and thinking about the part of you that doesn't die. It is designed to be open to any religious faith as it doesn't define your religion but helps you define it. Psychology and Spirituality often go hand in hand, and this book helps people combine both worlds in a healthy, therapeutic manner. 

Your Brand Story Workbook

Captivate your customers by personifying your brand. This book helps small business owners and professionals find their brand story and develop their brand to help customers experience that story as a character. The questions are designed to help you tap into the psychological components that motivate people to buy. Instead of wasting your time with 100 pages of things to read, I give you about 36 pages to fill out stuff and get your brain going in the right direction. The pages are professionally designed as infographics and worksheets.

Down the Road Plannings...

My end game is to have courses and books for corporate and small business training, with the book reseller program and course affiliate program. Hopefully that can be packaged and bundled into a larger return for you that can be sold to any business or corporation opening this up to a possible commission-based sales position. 

Divinity and Children's Books. I plan on writing those in the future. 

Interested in Adding your Book to my List?

Eventually I'd like to open this to other authors who want to add their books to this list so book clubs can fundraise with a catalog of options and bookstores can sell unique books you won't find at Barnes and Noble. If you're an author or publisher and interested, email me at

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