Mom for the HolidaysMom for the Holidays

This is a collection of stories about motherhood around Christmas. I wrote a chapter. I do not profit from the sale of this book.

a mom read for when the holidays become overwhelming and comic relief is needed

By Carolyn Wilhelm on September 14, 2015

I like these anthologies and find the humor so good for helping busy moms feel “normal” as the book is a good antidote for Pinterest perfect holidays. This one is also good for moms having a blue Christmas or Hanukkah as the stories include the real things children can do to make us laugh and cry as we go through the holidays no matter what life is throwing at us. The stories provide instant relief for when the tree lights black out over and over, or when someone is pouting on Santa’s lap. These heartwarming stories with true to life experiences will help give some perspective to the holidays. What I mean is I think you will feel better about your own life by reading this book!

The author bios are even humorous and I had no idea so many women write humor blogs. There are links to find these blogs and feel better about yourself all year round, not just at the holidays. One of the authors lives with her family and trillions of dust bunnies, one has two sons who will one day appreciate their mother’s humor, one has underutilized horses, and Lisa Nolan the editor is a supermom with a second hand cape.

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