Hi. I’m Michelle Grewe, an artist, coloring book creator, and writer. My goal is to help others find healing through the way of the spirit. One way I do that is with my Happy Mail, so please sign up for some free art and smiles. 

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You’ll receive 15 daily emails of small blessings and 2 fun weekly activities. These are small tokens you can do to bless others in a way that is healthy for your inner psyche.

Not only do your thoughts become like a magical spell to help others, but the change within yourself of forgiveness and love will enable your own happiness and peace, luxuries money cannot buy. Be a blessing to yourself and others. Remember, we were born both a blessing and a miracle. It’s our destiny.


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You’ll receive a link to a free PDF of some featured images from my book From Dust to Essence. In that PDF, you’ll also get some featured journal prompts and worksheets so you can get a good preview of the book. If you like it, you are more than welcome to purchase the book. For signing up to my email, I’ll give you the home-girl-hookup with a 30% Off Coupon.

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