10 Ways to Bless People

10 Ways to Bless People | Blessings | Christianity | Compassion

August is Blessings Month over at #1000Speaks for Compassion. Blessing others does a service to the person you are blessing, but most importantly, it helps you grow in the spirit which helps improve mental health. Focus on the good by being the good you see in this world.

If you want to join us, you can sign up for the 15 Days Blessings E-Challenge and receive daily emails for 15 days highlighting the best of Blessings Month. You’ll receive 15 daily activities that are small, quick and easy to do (mainly think positive thoughts, or reach out to someone), and you’ll receive 2 weekly activities that are a little more time consuming.

Here are ten ideas for activities you can do beyond the weekly activities we are doing with Blessings Month.

1. Help me help others.

Here are some free promotional therapy printables from my book: From Dust to Essence. You can print these out and copy them. You can hand out the coloring pages to mental health wards and long term care facilities for their patients to color, or drop some in mental health clinics for their waiting room (with their permission of course). Guidance Counselors at your local schools can also benefit from these. Or you can post them on your blog. The coloring pages are great for all age groups.

2. Donate Old Magazines to Doctor Offices

Have some old magazines laying around? You can donate those to doctors offices or any place with a waiting room. Would they come in handy for those seeking employment? Maybe your unemployment office could use them. Business related? Check out your SBA. Parenting? Pediatricians. Women issues? OBGYN or Planned Parenthood.

3. Clean up Trash.

Take a walk in your community with gloves and a trash bag, and pick up trash you see along the way. A great workout. You might decide to do it 3 times a week.

4. Donate Stuffed Animals

Donate stuffed animals to your local emergency room to give to child patients, or to local shelters and charities where kids may be present and in need of some comfort like domestic abuse shelters, Child Protective Services, Fire and Flood relief… You can purchase stuffed animals by the bulk at places like Oriental Trading and Carnival Toys, and The Dollar Tree offers stuffed animals at a dollar each.

5. Pay it Forward.

Pay for the meal or coffee for the guy behind you when you order food. Or you can pay on someone’s layaway, especially around the Holidays. Pay it forward with kids by playing at your local arcade or Chuck E. Cheeses and giving out the tickets you earn, or if you are a claw machine master, give away your winnings to a random nearby kid. (Maybe link to a claw machine post on how to tips).

6. Volunteer or Donate

Churches and charities are always looking for a lending hand. You can also clean up your house and donate items to Salvation Army, Goodwill, or Flood and Fire relief.

7. Donate Old Books to libraries or prisons.

Or you can send a relevant book to someone who you think will enjoy it, or maybe it’s a book you think they need to hear.

8. Visit the sick and elderly.

Check with local hospitals and long-term care facilities for the elderly or disabled and ask if you can visit. Many are looking for volunteers, and many will tell you who isn’t getting many visitors and could really use the company and love. You never know, you may make a new friend.

9. Do Yard Work.

If you know anyone who is elderly and alone, or maybe disabled, offer to do some yard work, shovel snow, rake leaves, or clean out their gutters.

10. DIY and Crafts.

You can make things to give to random people, donate, or put in a free pile for those who would love the gift. Handmade cards would be a blessing for retirement homes, or pick a random address to mail it to. Knitted scarves and socks would be adored by homeless shelters. Inspirational cross stitch, painted wood, or any wall art can be dropped off with domestic violence shelters and halfway houses. Handmade jewelry can be sent to Secret Santa. Whatever your specialty, think of who may need it and drop some off.

Thank you for joining me to kick of Blessings Month with our first blog post. Keep an eye out for weekly posts and bless the world with us.

10 Ways to Bless People | Blessings | Christianity | Compassion



  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS!! Oh Michelle, what a wonderful list that we can ALL participate in to help bless others. I am going to refer to this in the future and will surely be passing this one along… THANK YOU!

  2. These are awesome ideas, Michelle! Once, years ago, I won a gigantic stuffed bunny and I brought it to Children’s Hospital. I called and asked if there was a patient who needed some extra hope/love and they let me deliver it to her room. It was amazing. I want to do this more.

  3. This is such a great post, full of practical ways of blessing people. Mine is much more cerebral and to be honest, I hadn’t thought of blessing the way you have here so it’s really good to see it – and to see that I do some of these without even thinking of it.
    Actually, this post helped me reframe something. Yesterday I went to pay for something and my purse was empty, which confused me because I’d taken money out of an ATM 2 days before and hadn’t been anywhere to spend it. I checked with my family and nobody had taken it, my credit cards were all there so it seems I forgot to actually pick up my money! I was a little irritated with myself, though it helped to think about someone finding the money and being pleased. After I’d read this post last night I realised I’d just unintentionally “paid it forward!” 🙂

  4. Great ideas to share blessings, Michelle. One way I’ve found is to pay towards the education of girls. In India, that’s important especially for girls from poorer families. I then follow up by meeting them every few months to encourage them to study and check if they need any help.

  5. Thank you for sharing these ideas! I’m especially fond of the stuffed animal one, as my daughter has received a teddy bear gift when she was in the ER and ICU a day after Christmas one year!

  6. Yes – sharing the blessings make them grow. And lists are helpful.
    Also – I will be watching for your coloring book/journal. My mother is in a nursing home now and coloring books are so GOOD for her.

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