Let me help you grow in the spirit reading insights God has given me and things I learned dealing with spiritual warfare. Here you’ll find Christian Devotionals with more an emphasis on spirituality than religion that encourages love and compassion and fosters healing and growth. True empowerment and healing happens with the spirit. You can be the change you need for peace and happiness.

Did you know that multiple studies show a correlation between religion and good mental health? Unfortunately, studies also a show a dramatic decline in Christianity and religion all together. When asked why in one study, the majority of responses were that Christians are unscientific, anti-equal-rights, hypocritical, and judgmental. I want to be the example that proves those people wrong. I want to promote my God in the best way possible. While science hasn’t proven God exists, science has proven that God is good for your health.

About Michelle

Writer and artist, Michelle Grewe is an Air Force Veteran, mother, and a human jungle gym. Published in 7 Books, Michelle’s art is featured in her coloring book designed for spirituality and mental health, From Dust to Essence. Websites who have featured her work include The Good Men Project, Popsugar Moms, Mamalode, and Blunt Moms. Her nonsense actually does make sense if you drink enough vodka and pray. Find her on michellegrewe.com.

I’m taking things one step at a time following the part of my heart I use in prayer.

Fun Facts about Michelle

  • She ignores dead people.
  • She can lick her own elbow when she is not sober.
  • She is capable of mathematics.
  • She successfully divided zero by zero without a paradox: do it in Base Zero; get rid of all the numbers.
  • She successfully nailed Jello to a tree (the trick is not to take it out of the box).

Find Michelle in these Books

From Dust to Essence: Activity and Coloring Book designed for healing, mental health, and spirituality | Adult Coloring | Healing | Spirituality | Christianity | Journal | Psychology | Self-Esteem

Underachiever Book Cover Idea 1Mom for the HolidaysLose the Cape

Motherhood may cause drowsiness new Only Trollops Book Cover Clash of the Couples Cover

Michelle’s Blogs

Many of these projects are slow moving because I’m doing too much at once, but check out any blogs you might like by clicking on the blog name.

DIY Mom for the Holidays

Give your holidays that extra feel-good-snuggle by diving in with some recipes and DIY projects (crafts and decor). As an artist, I provide some pretty good free printables.


Information and insights for those dealing with paranormal phenomenon. Learn how to protect yourself and deal with jerky entities.

Mental Variance

Haven for autism. As an adult with autism raising kids on the spectrum, I provide insights for parents and autistic people. Topics include parenting issues like meltdowns and Social Skills 101.

Blogging As I Learn It  

Yo. Bloggers. I got the home girl hookup for you. Here we talk about marketing, writing, graphic design, and other bloggers, but in an easy to read conversational tone. The best part is all the free stuff you can get for signing up. I am an artist, and you need art stuff, and I hope most of what I provide is better than the stuff you pay for. Plus my circle of bloggers are full of opportunities.

Michelle Grewe

This website here, where you are, is where I blog about spirituality and updates to what I’m doing. Some of the posts here are edited, cleaner versions of posts from Crumpets and Bollocks.

Contact Michelle

Email me at untouchable.cant.touch.this@gmail.com