I draw horrible pictures.

I Want a Dumpster Baby

The blogger behind the blog, “I Want a Dumpster Baby” wrote about how she couldn’t have kids and would take any baby a mom didn’t want any time. Her obsession with randomly dancing to Hall & Oates became a well-known fact about her. Well, then she got pregnant with twins. So Patti Ford with the blog, “Insane in the Mom-Brain,” who is famous for her love of unicorns, decided we needed to make Hall & Oates unicorns as a baby shower gift. So here they are. Making all your dreams come true.

Insane in the Mom Brain

Patti Ford with the blog, “Insane in the Mom Brain,” had me do a few projects for her. I got creative one day and made Patti her own Unicorn Pony that I named the Patticorn. When she asked for a banner with it, I couldn’t help it. Her loves and obsessions are made obvious here…

Michelle Grewe

This is a photograph of my daughter, Michelle Grewe Junior, yes that's her real name, when she was a baby on Halloween. I drew the clouds and feathers. 

The Bloggess

This is a word portrait of The Bloggess. The first set of words are descriptions I created, and those are followed by some praise from her book reviews. Then it's repeated so I could get a whole face. 

Random Thing I Drew

I drew this. I don't know. 

All Hail Dark Helmet

I had a little fun with trademarks that don’t belong to me. Fan Art for Space Balls. The one on the left is his laughing face, and the one on the right, he's being coy.

Freddy Fazbear Loves You

My kids are very much into the horror game and fan art that ensued, "Five Nights at Freddy's," by Scott Cawthon. He's really nice about using the trademarks and copyrights. His thing is make it free. So I had no problem drawing this for my kids' valentines one year at school. On the back, I had a wordsearch for "I Love You" in various languages.

Beaver Wash

And for the gutter sluts, I offer this amazing bathroom....

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