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Social Media's Primary Function in Life is to Socialize. Most social media utilizes algorithms that are not friendly if you are trying to sell something unless you pay for it as an advertisement, and even then, because people are there to be social, they don't like to see salesy ads. Most of the internet has found the most successful way to use social media to improve sales is to go a soft sale approach: you offer something free to get them to your site where you can have content that sells the shit out of something. Cocaine Dealers have been doing this for ages. 

One free thing that is most commonly sold on Facebook is Blog Posts. If you can lure them in with eye-catching titles, and provide amazing content to keep them on your site reading, they'll eventually see and want to click the part that says, "Buy my book!" In theory.

So most of my promotional material are blog posts. I don't really promote much beyond that on social media as of now, but I do plan on changing that, so this page may get updated in time.

Blogging As I Learn It

I've gone through some branding changes with this site, but my most recent branding has been to use fun filters on stock photos. With the blog's design, the featured images are square, which will also be the image the site generally pulls for social media links when someone hits the share button, and that's a great shape for Facebook and Instagram. But I have little say on what is shared from the site when someone clicks Share because it's a Blogger blog, not a Wordpress one. I refuse to change it in fear of losing my organic search traffic, but I try not to have any other images on each blog post but these.

Crumpets and Bollocks

This blog never really had a branding concept beyond whatever crosses my mind. There was no niche either.

DIY Mom for the Holidays

This blog came about with the books Mom for the Holidays and The Underachiever's Guide to Perfect Holidays. All of it is DIY and Recipes. All of the photographs are photos I took of the completed project (all projects I actually had to do), and because it's geared toward women and Pinterest, it's in a Pinterest Friendly design (grayed colors, a lot of whites). For photographs, I generally use a gigantic dry erase board for the background.

DIY Mom for the Holidays

Women of Ill Repute

I noticed on topics of relationships, women seemed to prefer black and white pictures on Pinterest, but I think the main appeal with Pinterest being a place of sheer aspiration is the dreamy effect of classic romance movies, so I really aimed for that "classic" look with the branding for these.

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