Besides designing all the covers to my own books, some people actually paid me to do these things and/or related graphics to their book. 

Mom for the Holidays

Lisa N. needed a book cover for her anthology: Mom for the Holidays. We decided we liked the clean simple look of this one.

In the Bath Tub?

It's a trendy thing in the book-nerd-mom world to sneak a bookread in the bath tub when the family isn't noticing. Like how men take a 45 minutes dump with their ipad. Something like that. 

Don't forget the wine.

Other Cover Ideas we Considered

The Underachiever's Guide to Perfect Holidays

Kind of a sister book to Mom for the Holidays, the Underachiever's Guide is a DIY book of crafts and recipes for Christmas that are cheap, easy, and fail-proof. But still awesome. 

Features include:

The easiest apple pie ever... From Scratch. (Buy the apples already peeled and sliced in a bag at Walmart's Snack Produce meant for school lunches; and then Pillsbury's Refrigerated Dough... Or just get one from a diner). 

10 Different Cookies to Make from Sugar Cookie Dough

Department Store Worthy Hand Made Bows

Motherhood May Cause Drowsiness

This was the first book cover Lisa N. requested from me. We went through many covers ideas, but this was the one top voted by writers in the book. They wanted a retro look. We did end up doing a different cover because it had a much more epic photograph that even I preferred and recommended going with, less retro and more modern, but it went through a different graphic artist for the second edition, and there wasn't much to it but some text over a photo. But I really liked how I did this one. That's my kids in the picture. I hand drew the horizontal woman over the Motherhood text. 

Backyard Play with Mummy

Lisa N. needed a cover for this Australian version of Backyard Play with Mommy, and it was pretty simple. I think the actual book that I don't have a copy of is much thinner, but you get how it looks. The front is pretty simple. The back of the book let me get a little more creative. 

From Dust to Essence

It's my book, so I designed the cover. I used a Lotus from the interior coloring pages, and the fonts are from the Intro Collection. 

Work In Progress: A different Edition of From Dust to Essence

I plan on doing another edition of From Dust to Essence with a focus on Christianity, adding devotionals, and changing up the content. This is my working cover and title. 

Clash of the Couples

My chapter in this book by Blue Lobster Book Co. explains why I didn't want to leave my husband when he would hit on other women and try to cheat on me, but the day he cooked dinner and denied me food, I was ready for war. You can check out a chick's thighs, but don't deny me chicken thighs. All of us writers in this book had some hand in all the facets of the book's copy, design, and marketing. We all needed some simple graphics for the web, so I made some for everyone to use.
I once wrote a poem that never got published, and in it, I said, "While Eve may have had the first bite, I ate the whole damn tree." We spinned off from that in the book's description, but it's from my stupid poem.... 

The book cover featured an image of Adam and Eve on a red gradient, but I loved the image on white. 

Only Trollops Shave Above the Knee

Blue Lobster Book Co. had another brilliant anthology about Momisms: things our moms told us. Again, we needed social media content and we all contributed our share.

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