Graphic artist and writer seeking innovative entrepreneurs and business entities. Enjoys long blog articles and romantic dissertations. Likes contrast, balance and effective use of white space. Provides own adjectives and nouns, and performs own verbs, adverbly. Owner of a luxury Adobe Suite including Photoshop and Illustrator. If you are in need for someone to give your product a face or write compelling copy, we could make beautiful projects together.

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Published Author

Published in 6 anthologies about motherhood and life: humorous creative nonfiction. Two published books: From Dust to Essence and The Underachiever's Guide to Perfect Holidays.

Mom of Three Daughters

You probably don't care about this, but I'm trying to put achievements in this section, and pushing out 3 beautiful little girls out of my lady loins, like bruh, I made three people, like God only made two. #LoveYouGod

Air Force Veteran

Graduated Basic Training as an Honor Flight, got some academic award in tech school, known as Mr. Dixon's "Star Airman," at best did 73 pushups in a minute, kickass in martial arts against all branches, won 2nd place in the Christmas Tree decorating contest.
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"You’re real and you swear like a sailor. My kinda person!!"

D. Pratt

"I’ve been reading your writing for over a year now. It’s been iconoclastic, personal, gritty, and colorful." 

Anna Fitfunner"

"She comes in with her big shot, east coast attitude and takes over." 

My NCO in the Air Force
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